From the Director
Denise Matthews, Heart of God Africa

When God called us to Africa, we really had no idea how things would grow, what changes we would be led to make, and who would work alongside us. It has been a walk of faith from the very beginning. If we told you how God networked people together, you would be as amazed as we are — people we’d never met yet who share similar visions and passions for the work to which we are called. Even now, we are in awe as the networking continues as we meet new friends who share our same standard of integrity in ministry and with whom we share contacts, resources, projects and mission objectives. Our goal is to work alongside indigenous leaders, equipping them to minister to their people. It is never our intention to replace them; God called them to be a light within their villages and communities in a way that we never could. Our prayer is that you, as a friend and partner in the Kingdom of God at work in Africa, will help us be that example of God’s steadfast love to all as we embrace those to whom He leads us — the destitute, the rejected, the broken, and the oppressed. There are endless opportunities in Africa where there are so many needs represented among so many people groups. Pray with us, partner with us, join us as we pursue God’s will in and for Africa!

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Pastors Conference
Harvest Program
Team Prayer Card
2016 Teachers Conference
Borehole in South Sudan

We have an opportunity to gift the people of Corjip
with the ability to thrive while they grow
in the knowledge of the One who called them
out of darkness into His marvelous light!

Heart of God Africa serves as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ while working with communities to create lasting solutions to poverty.

Breaking the cycle of sickness and disease.
Everyone needs clean water to sustain life - there are no exceptions. Yet, clean water is something most of us take for granted. Our goal is to provide the people in Corjip (South Sudan) the opportunity to break the cycle of sickness and disease related to ...(click here to read more)
Sponsorship Programs

It is the primary purpose of Heart of God Africa's sponsorship programs to make an eternal impact on the lives of those who might otherwise never have the opportunity to experience the love of God. Working together at the local level, the door is open to sustainable change in the community. Not only are children being educated and fed, they are learning principles of life that they will carry throughout their futures as responsible adults impacting their nation from within.

Sponsorship of these children requires mere pennies a day which provides them with the necessities for learning in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Regardless which program you choose to support, you will be impacting the life of a child who lives in extreme poverty. Your generosity will not only change the direction of a child's life, but it will also impact an entire community and, prayerfully, a nation.

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