The Great Commission reminds us that we are ALL called to serve. Jesus didn’t call out a special group of people to service; He made sure there was no mistaking in His passing the baton off to those who loved Him and who desired to please Him as they chose to follow in His footsteps.

“Go ye into all the earth and preach the Gospel to every creature…” 


The implied subject of the sentence is YOU and ME! All who read and believe His words are called to serve in the Gospel mission. That’s why Heart of God Africa offers opportunities for men and women who share the passion to serve others with the Gospel message in word and in deed. And, that’s why you should consider becoming part of a future mission team to Africa.

Whether the team heads to South Sudan to serve in a remote village where the Gospel has never been heard, or travels to Uganda to serve abandoned Karamajong children who are left to fend for themselves…  Whether a team organizes pastors conferences, women’s conferences or teacher’s conferences or visits a prison where women are dying of AIDS and experience the epitome of hopelessness… Whether a team ministers to widows through a micro loan program or mentors indigenous leaders to oversee an established work… Regardless of the focus of any given mission, there is room for you! And, if you feel you won’t fit in, let us know and we’ll make sure an opportunity is made for you to use your gifts and talents to convey the message of hope and freedom in Christ Jesus.

Watch for announcements regarding future missions; Denise will be posting details on the Facebook Page (click here); an application will be made available to you several months prior to departure to give you ample time to raise your money and make plans to travel with the mission team to serve those who are less fortunate and who may very well have never experienced a taste of the Light and Life of Christ through a servant heart like yours.

Ask God to show you His heart for the nations. But, be prepared for your heart to break when He does. The needs are many, the laborers are relatively few, and YOU are called!

Contact Denise for more information.