Dear friends and partners,

As we press into the new year, the word that keeps coming to mind for 2016 is completion. While completion could render itself into many areas, we don’t see it as letting go but more specifically as completing the tasks already before us.

As a ministry leader, it is often very difficult to deny a request for aid in a country that lacks resources for the basic needs for survival in many of its communities. People are dying for lack of these needs, but what is even more concerning is the fact that men, women and children are going unreached with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With that said, God has laid on our hearts to complete three important tasks already in various stages of development. Our focus is to achieve these goals and watch what God will do in the lives of those living in each of the communities where HGA is currently focused. Please pray with us for these goals to be accomplished, and for God to be glorified in all things.


Uganda: Over a year ago we began a widows center in Bunambutye. Our goal was to provide a small loan of $40.00 to start a savings program. The women have thrived, and the program has empowered new hearts and new lives for those that had no voice in the community. This project has taken a burden off the community to provide for these women because they are now providing for themselves. A small investment to begin the program has become a self-sustaining and growing program impacting many!

A building for storing crop was built for the widows to house their excess produce in an effort to ensure food for them during the drought. Our goal was to add a small training center for them to learn a trade and bring commerce into the small community. This is our task to complete. This training center will also be used for a discipleship training center for men and women in the area.

We know through the testimonies we have already received from the existing projects like the savings program, the lives of women are being empowered.  With the training center completed, the Word of God will be proclaimed and many lives changed forever in a predominately Muslim area.


South Sudan: In 2013 we preached the gospel in a village that had not heard the Word of Jesus and we witnessed lives that were forever transformed. Land was donated for a church, and a borehole was set to be placed within the community. Women are losing babies  due to the unclean, contaminated water.

In 2015, a pastor by the name of Mark came to village to shepherd the flock and continue to proclaim God’s truth in the church that was planted. In 2015, a motorcycle was provided to three pastors to make it possible for them to fellowship with and encourage one another and to reach out to other communities with the Word of God.

Our goal is to complete the borehole. The cost is $15K; we are at the halfway mark. This water is desperately needed and it’s nearly complete. We pray that this will be the beginning of bringing the Living Water and life-saving clean water to more communities in need.


Kenya:   In 2015, we made a visit to a school in Nairobi that is run by our Kenyan Board Member, David. It’s a privateChristian primary school that reaches out to all people in the community regardless of the family’s religious affiliation. The school is in dire need of repair, and yet it’s not owned by David. The sad situation is that any repairs we make will cause his rent to increase because the value of the property will increase.

Our goal is to purchase another building or buy a plot of land on which to build a new school, providing David with a suitable facility that does not require an investment of monthly rent. We began a child sponsorship program to help with the current needs of the students, to ensure nothing gets in the way of their education which includes being taught the Word of God.


It is so important to follow the Lord’s leading as we begin this new year, putting His plans above our plans and doing all we can to obey Him in the process. This is not just my goal … as partners in this growing and impactful ministry, we share the blessing of focusing on these three areas being targeted in 2016.  We need you. More importantly, however, the men, women and children in Africa need you!


Please pray with us for God to stir the hearts of many to share with those whose need is so great.  Join us in praise for all that God has already accomplished in these areas and others.  Give Him the glory for those we’ve seen come to the knowledge of His great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and bind together with us to see more lives transformed in 2016 as we work together to fulfill the vision God has given. None of these projects can move forward without your support, prayers and commitment to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the nations!

We pray that God will bless you with all spiritual blessings throughout this new year, for His glory alone!


Because He Lives,

Denise Matthews
Executive Director
Heart of God Africa