Heart of God Africa Ministries

As a member of the Heart of God International Ministries network, Heart of God Africa is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, organized and governed by volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds. As HGA is honored to partner together with like-minded organizations to demonstrate the eternal love of Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit opens the doors. By working through local and indigenous leaders, HGA makes every effort to encourage, strengthen and equip those God has called to minister among their people.

HGA's goal is to work alongside indigenous leaders, equipping them to minister to their people. It is never our intention to replace them; God called them to be a light within their villages and communities in a way that we never could. Our prayer is that you, as a friend and partner in the Kingdom of God at work in Africa, will help us be that example of God’s steadfast love to all as we embrace those to whom He leads us — the destitute, the rejected, the broken, and the oppressed. There are endless opportunities in Africa where there are so many needs represented among so many people groups.

HGA is an evangelistic ministry; everything we do points to and communicates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. HGA believes we, as the Body of Christ, are commanded to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all living creatures" according to the Great Commission. We take the word "preach" very literally as we are sent. However, we fully understand that preaching also includes our actions, services, and expressions of love as we minister the Gospel to those in need through the heart of servants, being a friend, and loving unconditionally. While HGA never offers humanitarian assistance without clearly expressing the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, we strive to maintain a balance weighing heavily on the side of evangelism and minoring on humanitarian relief efforts, all to the Glory of God.

Pray with us, partner with us, join us as we pursue God’s will in and for Africa!

HGA Recognized in Uganda

We are honored to have been recognized in Uganda as a registered NGO.

Heart of God Africa Ministries
Registration #10632
PO Box 5966
Kampala, Uganda

Denise Matthews: Chief Executive, Social Worker
Saphan Muhanguzi: Chairperson, Pastor
Deo Mushambo: Treasurer, Nutritionist
Ruth Kahawa: Director, Children's Officer
Joshua Authairwe: Director, Businessman
Steven Onamuna: Director, Health Officer