Heart of God Africa has been leading mission outreaches to Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan for several years. Teams are formed early one in order to have ample time to prepare, train and make the mission financially affordable for all team members. We praise God for tremendous testimonies that have been built while on mission, both for those to whom we minister and for the individual team members. No one returns without being spiritually challenged to do more for those who have so little.

If you are interested in exploring the challenging world of missions, please contact Denise Matthews directly for specifics about upcoming outreaches. Heart of God International uses DonorPages, a powerful fund-raising tool (see example here) which is provided to each team member free of charge to help them raise their trip fees. There are also many other ways to raise funds to cover your trip fees which will be provided upon request. It is our belief that if God calls you to go, He will make a way for you to fulfill that calling.

We take care to make sure every team member is trained and prepared for their mission. In most cases, team training will take place at a pre-determined location over a weekend well in advance of the team's scheduled departure. This affords each team member the opportunity to build a relationship with other team members, work on ministry projects, learn about security and travel precautions, and much, much more. In the event it is not possible to do a team meeting, a series of Skype meetings will be planned for the team instead. While it is not quite as fun, the preparation is thorough and the building of relationships begins and no one feels isolated and alone on mission. More information regarding training will be available as mission outreaches are planned and teams are formed.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider a mission trip with Heart of God Africa. We would be honored to partner with you in the Great Commission!

Team Member Testimonies

The Sudan mission impacted me beyond any words I can find. Not only did we answer God's call into unreached areas, we saw Him do the miraculous, not because of us but because it was His desire to show Himself mighty to those who had never before heard the salvation message and learn of God's love for mankind. I am changed, thoroughly and eternally. I left home not knowing why God called me to this particular mission; I returned home humbled, in awe, and committed to follow God to the farthest corners of the earth! -Anonymous

My first mission to Uganda was awesome! Although I was a bit nervous because I had never flown over the ocean, God calmed my nerves once I got on the plane. The airport was a hoot! We are so spoiled here in the US! But, once we got all our luggage on the bus and all the team members piled in, I was ready to go and allow God to use me however He chose. The conferences were awesome and God moved totally! Lives were changed and it was obvious by the countenance on the faces of those who responded. The team devotions every morning prepared us for each day. There are some that I'll never forget...such powerful words from people who said they never shared before! The food was mostly good but my favorite part was eating rice and beans without utensils. I will return as often as God opens the door but I'm praying that door will be open every time there's an outreach. What an opportunity! Thank you, Heart of God Africa! - Anonymous

2012 Uganda Mission