A high view of God and His Word fuel my passion for training men who have been called by God to the pastoral ministry of feeding their flock. I came face-to-face with that need in Uganda when I made my first trip there in 2010. Over 100 pastors showed up for a 4 day pastor's conference and it was there that I saw there hunger and thirst for God's Word. I concluded that if they are that hungry for knowledge of scripture their churches would be starving as well. This started a quest to begin planning for on going pastor's conferences each year God allowed us to go. God has blessed that desire by allowing further trips and also bringing other men who share the same desire to teach pastors how to properly handle Christ's Word. Our plans are bigger than just annual trips. God has burdened us with the desire to build a training center where these precious men of God can come and get the training they have never received. We focus on three goals:

1. A high view of God's Word. This alone should drive every pastor to want to handle accurately God's Word.
2.Teaching proper principles for interpreting the Bible.
3.Teaching them how to faithfully communicate His Word to their people.

May our Lord and Savior be glorified in this task He has set before us.

Mark Matthews, President
Heart of God Africa


Mark Matthews, President, Heart of God Africa

Discipleship Training Manual