Heart of God Africa Water Project

The people of Corjip in South Sudan have been blessed with the ability to thrive while they grow in the knowledge of the One who called them out of darkness into His marvelous light!

Heart of God Africa serves as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God, boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ while working with communities to create lasting solutions to poverty.

Everyone needs clean water to sustain life – there are no exceptions. Yet, clean water is something most of us take for granted. Our goal is to provide the people in Corjip (South Sudan) the opportunity to break the cycle of sickness and disease related to the unsafe conditions of water when it is available. The families in Corjip don’t want a handout, they want our help to provide a better future for their children and future generations.

Until now, families in Corjip have only known the consequences that accompany drinking unclean water … when there is water to be found. Children die from dehydration and disease associated with unsafe water conditions. Adults suffer with severe intestinal diseases often leading to premature death due to the lack of clean water. This is not unique to Corjip, unfortunately, since many villages in the region are plagued with the lack of water and the ability to live free of disease associated with drinking unsafe water.

Borehole or well? What is the difference?

A borehole is drilled deeper and allows for access to hand pumps and taps, making it more effective and sustainable.

The sustainable water project will empower the local people.

The borehole is sustainable! If it breaks, they can fix it. The community will be trained to maintain and repair the well if they have any problems in the future.


A new church plant and a new borehole.

Each time a resident of Corjip retrieves water from their new borehole, they will be reminded of the Living Water flowing from the heart of the Father into their community. A new church has been planted … the borehole is a perfect and constant reminder of life, clean hearts and redemption through Jesus Christ.

By partnering with Heart of God Africa you can help us drill more boreholes to provide life-sustaining water to other villages like Corjip. Once each borehole is completed, that community will also experience the ability to thrive as they grow in the knowledge of the One who called them out of darkness into His marvelous light!