Heart of God International Ministries

Heart of God Africa provides you with a way to impact the lives of many children in Uganda and Kenya. Although you will be sponsoring one or more specific children, your child sponsorship payments are leveraged with the donations of other sponsors to make your sponsored child’s school a healthy place to learn and grow in a Christian atmosphere. As with any service organization, there are costs associated with educating children--costs that are passed along to the parents of the children enrolled in the school. Unfortunately, when a school is situated in an area where abject poverty impacts the lives of every community member, it becomes an opportunity for those of us who are able to get involved in making a difference in individual lives of children and, ultimately, in the lives of all community members. As more children from a particular school are sponsored, the greater benefit our partnership becomes to the school community. Our goal is to equip your sponsored child’s school to adequately provide for educational, health and nutritional needs by supporting the entire school community and alleviating some of the financial burden on families who cannot otherwise provide an education for their children--something that should never happen.

Royal Palace School

Royal Palace School is led by Pastor Steven Onamuna, the Senior pastor of Royal Palace Ministries. Pastor Steven and his wife Roselyne understand the need for Christian education from the early years, in order to form the heart and mind of the child to love and honor Jesus Christ.

Situated in the midst of abject poverty, this school depends on a very small tuition from each of the students in order to survive. Unfortunately, families who most desperately need the school are unable to pay the tuition which is why we have developed this sponsorship program. It is unthinkable that a child should be denied an education when that education costs less than $20/month.

Heart of God Africa is providing you with an opportunity to be directly involved in a child's life by sponsoring their education at Royal Palace School. For only $20/month, you can provide encouragement, education, love and so much more to a child in need.

Royal Palace Nursery School Objectives/Goals:

  • To equip students with quality, affordable education.
  • To cater for the disadvantaged and vulnerable children who fail to go to superstar schools and end up being wasted.
  • To impart Christian morals to the students and the community.
  • To provide employment opportunities to the local population in the catchment area.
  • Establish a primary, secondary, and vocational training institutions to students.
  • Provide relevant practical education skills to students who may not continue with secondary education.
  • To identify and enhance individual talents.

Eagle Centre

Eagle Centre was founded as an alternative for children neglected by other schools because they were unable to pay school feels or purchase school uniforms, etc. Although Kenya has "free" and compulsory primary education, many children (especially from the slums) are unable to access this due to the required fees not included in the cost of educating children. The quality of "free" education is also terribly low, proven by major national exam results where students are selected for continuing education. This only perpetuates the lack of education in the slums since the education available to the impoverished children does not prepare them for entrance into secondary schools. Contrariwise, Eagle Centre targets orphans, vulnerable children and those affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. These poor children come from Kayole Estate, Soweto Slums and neighboring communities.

Eagle Centre's guiding principles include:

  • Eagle Centre is purely a non-political academic institution.
  • Eagle Centre stresses the importance of basic subjects for a sound educational foundation.
  • Eagle Centre recognizes that all children are different and come from different homes and they endeavor to meet the unique needs of every child.
  • Eagle Centre encourages each student to strive for the highest he or she can reach.
  • Eagle Centre encourages each student to strive for the highest he or she can reach.
  • Eagle Centre's children are taught to respect other people and to adopt a caring attitude.
  • Eagle Centre teaches the Word of God and ensures that each child grows knowing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Sponsor a Child

Each of the children in the Heart of God Africa Child Sponsorship Program can be sponsored for only $20/month or $240/year. Your sponsorship will secure a child's right to attend school where he/she will receive a school uniform, school supplies, a daily meal and materials needed for their education. Choose the program below to meet the children and initiate your sponsorship relationship with one or more children. Thank you for prayerfully considering a child sponsorship. A child’s education ... a child's life depends on it!



Give Me Hope Africa

NOTE: Because the cost of tuition amount is so small, we request that donors from outside the United States using a foreign currency increase their pledge to cover current exchange rates. This enables us to send the support necessary to cover the cost of student tuition. Thank you!